WYBS Social Distancing Recommendations

Jun 16, 2020 7:55 AM
Tim Thurs

Socially Distanced Baseball Rules - WYBS

Wausau Youth Baseball is proposing these game modifications to enable youth baseball in the Wausau area this summer.  These rules adjustments help us maintain social distancing during play and fit us into CDC recommendations.  

Everyone at the game – whether on the field or off – must stay at least six feet away from each other at all times, except for players on the field when the ball is in play.

Game balls must be designated to each team for use while that team is playing defense.

All equipment, including bats, gloves, and water bottles, should be used only by their owner and kept separate from others’ gear.  WYBS will assign helmets to those that don’t have them for the season.  If equipment is being shared, proper sanitation should be administered between uses.  In addition, coaches will designate catchers for the game and WYBS will provide enough catchers masks to each team for the game to prevent sharing of masks on game days.

Water coolers and shared drinking stations are not allowed, nor is spitting or eating seeds, gum, and other similar products.

Players must refrain from high-fives, handshakes, and any other physical contact with other players, coaches, umpires, and fans. Instead, WYBS recommends players tip their caps after games.

Must avoid exchanging documents or equipment with players, coaches, or spectators. Umpires calling balls and strikes should allow adequate distance behind the catcher or behind pitcher while still able to perform their duty.

The dugouts will be extended up the foul line behind fencing to enhance space between players while they are batting.

WYBS highly encourages only immediate family attendance.  Spectators will be asked at the beginning of the season to remain socially distanced while in attendance and be reminded by the coaches to “spread out” before each game.  

No concession stands, no bathrooms available.  Please plan accordingly.

WYBS is in the unique position where our fields are individual entities in separate parks, not a large complex with multiple fields.  With that advantage, these games will be small, individual events fitting within CDC guidelines and not mass gatherings at a large complex.  

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